Important Ordering Information

We ship nationally and internationally

This information is necessary so that we can properly enter your order and schedule it for production.

  • Determine product.
  • Item number, size, and shape.
  • Quantity.
  • Colors: Imprint and background
  • Requested ship date.
  • Shipping: U.P.S. is preferred.

Terms: First order requires full payment via Master Card or Visa credit card which are processed upon shipment. Subsequent orders subject to prior credit qualification.

Prices: Prices quoted F.O.B. factory and subject to change without notice.

Shortages and Overs: Exact manufactured quantities cannot be guaranteed. Shortages or overruns, not exceeding 5 percent ,will be shipped and billed at pro-rata prices.

Patents and Copyrights: The customer assumes full responsibility for all claims and/or litigation arising from alleged infringement of licenses, patents or copyrights on any requested design or copy.

Phone or Fax Orders: Phone orders are welcome but must be confirmed in writing. Customer assumes liability for any errors on verbal order when written confirmation is not received prior to production. Fax transmitted art or logos are not considered camera-ready. Any additional art charges will be billed at the prevailing current rate.

Cancellation Charges: Any order that is cancelled after production has begun will be billed accordingly.

Computer Artwork: We offer complete, digitally designed artwork at $45.00 per hour including proofs.
If customer supplies artwork, the following conditions must be met for digitally generated artwork, if the artwork is not correct, additional art charges will apply at the $45.00 hourly rate.

A / Emailed artwork must have the artwork description in the Subject Line, i.e.; Labor Union, Local 123 logo.

B / All copy, images, and product dimensions must be 100 percent (actual) size and ready for output per factory specifications.

C / Artwork will be accepted in Macintosh compatible programs on the following Macintosh compatible disk media:

  • 3.5 inch Floppy Disk
  • 100MB Zip Disks

This also applies to PC format artwork.

D / Only the following application programs may be used to produce and subsequently generate usable artwork:

  • QuarkXpress 6.5 or lower
  • Adobe Illustrator CS2 or lower
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 or lower
  • Core! Draw 8.0 (vector art only)
  • Adobe Indesign CS2

E / All linked files must be supplied in EPS or TIFF & PDF format files.

F / All printer and screen fonts used must be included on the disk along with the artwork submission. If fonts cannot be supplied, all type must be changed to paths.

G / PMS spot colors may not be converted to CMYK unless they are part of a submitted 4-color process job.

H / All Photoshop linked files must be a minimum of 300 dpi and saved in EPS or TIFF format in CMYK mode.

I / Compression utilities, if used, must also be submitted with the artwork. "Stuffit" is the preferred compression program.

J / Multi-colored laser printed proofs and/or paper separations, if multi-colored, must accompany the submitted artwork. These are for reference only. Contract proofs, if provided by factory, and part of the order, may or may not match laser printed copies provided by customer. This is due to dissimilar printing processes. Matchprints must be submitted for all film supplied 4-color process jobs.

K / All colors must be trapped to a minimum of .5 point. All image bleeds must extend a minimum of 1/8 inch beyond cut lines.

L / All specifications must be met and verified by the factory before final submission of computer generated artwork.

M / Unusable artwork is subject to a minimum one hour art charge of $45.00. Customer will be notified if additional time is needed for corrections or if new artwork should be submitted. In this case, the factory will choose the most cost effective method.

N / Unsuitable artwork normally delays production 1 to 5 days based on how much time is required to bring artwork to specs.

Providing Film: Supplied film negatives must be separated for each color desired. Negatives must be emulsion side up, right reading. Film output for halftones must be at 133 line screen. Color trapping must be provided at .5 point. Film submitted without necessary trapping will result in additional art time charges.

Four-Color Process: Films to specifications are preferred, with a Chromalin proof. If films can not be provided, output and film charges will apply; call for current charges.

Union Label: Our products are manufactured by members of IUAN and PW, AFL-CIO.

Union label is included on all products.

Packaging, Shipping, Delivery of Metal Litho and Celluloid Buttons

Special packaging available for additional charge - otherwise all merchandise ships bulk.

1 piece per bag $ 66.00 per 1000
2 to 10 pieces per bag $ 44.00 per 1000
11 to 25 pieces per bag $ 26.40 per 1000
26 to 50 pieces per bag $ 22.00 per 1000
51 to 100 pieces per bag $ 15.40 per 1000
Tissue Wrap $ 22.00 per 1000
Drop Shipments $ 11.00 each

All orders are shipped UPS or common carrier if not otherwise specified. Every effort is made to ship on the date and by the means requested. However, factory reserves the right to ship by whatever means available to deliver the goods by the date shown on the purchase order. First consideration is given to speed and reliability and not to transportation cost. Delivery liability with factory ends when merchandise is delivered to a freight carrier. Returns must be authorized or will not be accepted. Please place any claim within 10 days of delivery date.

Additional Celluloid Ordering Information

Additional Metal Litho Ordering Information