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Political Campaign Bumper Stickers

What sets our Union Made Political Bumper Stickers Apart?

Our Art Department will design your Bumper Sticker according to your criteria, they are produced by the International Sign Display and Allied Trades Union, their label is printed on all our bumper stickers. UnionMadeCampaignButtons.com and the American Labor Union Craftsmen we are affiliated with can help your political campaign get the word out about a candidate or a ballot initiative. No other method for promoting a political cause, candidate or event has a wider reach than the totally removable bumper sticker. Your candidate or political cause gets promoted while a car sits in traffic during the morning commute, and then it reaches potential voters across town in the afternoon when the same car travels home.

The best part is bumper stickers are very cost effective, giving your candidate or political issue incredibly widespread exposure.



Bumper Sticker Sizes

What to Look for in Bumper Stickers for Political Campaigns

Union Made in the United States, the bumper stickers produced by UnionMadeCampaignButtons.com are manufactured using the highest quality American vinyl materials and fad resistant inks and are totally removable.

We offer several sizes, choose: 11.5 X 3” X, 6” X 4” or 7.5” X  3.75” in either white or yellow removable vinyl in you favorite font & color combinations

Specs for Our Bumper Stickers

Our bumper stickers are easy to remove where ever you place them on the vehicle. They are safe to place on bumpers or the painted finish.

Here are some other specs for the bumper stickers made by the International Sign Display and Allied Trades Union:

  • Color Fast Screen Printing Inks
  • All Standard Colors Available
  • Options: Color Matches Available
  • Production: Three to Five Working Days
  • Back Imprinting of Release Paper Available
  • Special Packaging

The Type of Political Campaigns that Buttons are Perfect for:

  • Governor
  • Lt. Governor
  • District Attorney
  • Prosecutor
  • County Sheriff
  • Circuit Court Judge
  • Councilor At Large
  • County Commissioner
  • Township Committee
  • State Chair
  • Assemble
  • Freeholder
  • State Senate
  • State House of Representatives
  • Board of Select Persons
  • City Council
  • Town Council
  • and lots more

Contact us today to learn more about our campaign bumper stickers. We offer a variety of options to boost the exposure of your campaign or political candidate. Send us an email or call 508-759-4848 to speak with one of our Customer Care Associates.

Manufactured by American Labor Union Crafstmen

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